Freedom in Love

Piku, my hand tamed Australian Cockateil accidentally flew away yesterday. He was sitting outside the cage like he generally does, but the window was open. Something must have startled him and all of a sudden he flew out of the window. By the time my daughter and our Nanny realised the accident, Piku was nowhere […]

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Birth of dawn

Deep distressing darkness till my eyes could see , The abyss and the never ending fall till my senses could feel, Time standing still till eternity could weep, That was the night for me. The gentle snoar Toss and turn, Creeking bed, The moan and sigh, Dried up dreams, Distant nightmare, That was the night […]

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The formula of five…

One thousand one…. One thousand two…. One thousand three… One thousand four…. One thousand five…. Do we know what we read just now? Well, apparently jibberish, we just read time and lost it too. Those were five seconds in the clock of Nemesis we all carry with us. Tick tock Tick tock… Where does it […]

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Women’s Day

In today’s world almost every day is being named and dedicated to something. We have days for chocolates, hugs, kisses, friends, Mom, Dad, so on and so forth. In our ever busy life these days give us a moment to ponder and express our love and gratitude towards someone whom we like. Today is Women’s […]

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Noor Jahan

Missing you and your touch, The magnificence and us, Shah Jahan still embraces Noor, The white hugs the blue, Love never loses its golden hue. Eons have passed, Eons will pass, Marble will turn to dust, Sad but so it must. Memories and history will erode , Khurram and Noor The resplendent contour, Will be […]

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Ma, me and she

A lazy, uneventful Saturday evening. Playing the couch potato, looking at the ceiling with Murakami’s latest big fat esoteric novel lying on my chest, my mind was floating well above the sky. Even moving one finger to turn a page was tougher than climbing Everest. “Daddy, can you help me in labelling my new books […]

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